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Urban Frame? Urban Skin? What are they?


We keep say Urban Frame and Urban Skin.

What are they?

They are partners. They go together. 

Urban Frame is our base plate. It is plated with chrome and oversized to give a clean, modern look. Installation does not require electrical work since it is installed with two screws like other light switch plates on the market. Urban Frame works as a canvas for our Urban Skin to overlay.

Urban Skin is our original adhesive colour film. Remove its backing--it is easy to peel off--to expose the adhesive. Then, attach it onto your Urban Frame. It is just like any other sticker, only more durable and longer lasting. Align it correctly every time using the guide ring along the perimeter of your Urban Frame. 


Taking off the Urban Skin is even easier. Find a little indented notch on one corner of the Urban Skin, and use your finger nail to peel it off. Taken off, the Urban Skin can be stored covered with its original backing.

* All of our Urban Skins come in a glossy finish to help prevent scratches and color loss. Exceptions are applied to Metallic Urban Skins--they are are matte finished to highlight its characteristic. 




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