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How It Works

We have a two-part system: Frame and Skin.

  • Our Urban Chameleon Frame is over-sized and chrome plated to give a modern look.
  • Our Urban Skins (the colors) are adhesive. 
  • The adhesive Urban Skins go on top of our custom-designed Urban Frame to brighten up your home decor.
  • The adhesive Urban Skins are changeable and re-usable as long as the adhesive back is kept clean and dust-free. We provide a backing that you can use to store your Urban Skin.* 

This is how it works:

  1. Use a screwdriver to take off your normal light switch cover.
  2. Install our custom chrome-plated Urban Frame with provided recessed screws.
  3. Detach the backing of your Urban Skin and apply it onto your installed Urban Frame. Use guide rings along the perimeter of Urban Frame to align the Urban Skin. 
  4. If Urban Skin is applied in a way that dissatisfies you, take it off using a little indented notch located at one corner of your Urban Skin and re-apply it. You can repeat this process as many as you want, as long as the back of your Urban Skin is safe from dust and/or hair.





*Keep the original backing of Urban Skin and use it to store your used color. As long as it is re-attached onto its original backing, you can use the Skin as long as you want.