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How Not To Do a Trade Show: Step 1

There are many wonderful posts online about how to successfully exhibit at a trade show.  Having read many articles, looked at many pictures, and then ruminated on everything ad nauseum, I proceeded to do everything wrong.  So, for those of you who actually have time to read for fun, read on.  For those of you who are seeking advice on how to do things well, stop here and search for another article.


What Not To Do Step 1:  Promise your inventor-husband that you can definitely take care of social media, e-commerce site development, logistics, trade show registration, etc. while a) maintaining a full-time job and b) overcoming the fact that you are a bit of a technophobe who never ever uses social media #WhoKnewThatYouShouldNotUseRandomHashtagsLike#Vantoosmall

Keeping your full-time job is an absolute must if you want to feel overwhelmed, miss paying your bills on time, and shower only when people start avoiding you.

Check us out tomorrow for step 2!